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Not sure if you remember, but when you were five, they had to put you under anesthesia to fix your teeth. Gave you that mask. Gas that smelled like tutti frutti. My soft little girl in a hard world of drills and needles.

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remember when quentin tarantino guest judged on american idol

Fun Fact:  this is the only episode of American Idol I have seen.

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Sycamore Trees

Twin Peaks, “Beyond Life and Death” (1991)

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Nearly six hours of filming.  Shot after shot.  And I’m not even done.  More filming tomorrow, but less.  So I got that going for me.

Lighting experiment for my short film.  #CMFatWVU

Lighting experiment for my short film. #CMFatWVU

Even in this desperate situation, she never forgot the gun’s firing range.

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News script is done